Seasonal celebrations can be great for your online marketing campaigns. Not only does it create great content, but it also gives your business the chance to promote itself without looking like you’re trying to sell something. It also shows that you have that personal touch that many businesses lack, so by just getting noticed using seasonal celebrations, you’re also keeping up to date with all current affairs as well as joining in on something that everyone enjoys (that includes your potential or current customers).

This is a sneaky but also clever way to getting your business noticed, and if you manage to create something really great then your campaign might even have the chance to go viral, making sure that your brand reaches a wider audience.

Here are some great examples of this year’s Halloween marketing campaigns that we’ve spotted.

Krispy Crème

Of course, being in the sweets industry we weren’t surprised to see that Krispy Crème had yet again come up with a great marketing idea to ensure that all their customers would be knocking on their doors to try. They came up with the great idea of offering all their customers that were dressed up in a Halloween outfit a free glazed doughnut in their stores across the country. This was a great idea as not only did they remind people of the upcoming celebration but they also managed to reinforce their brand and promote their products.


This year, Carling really managed to grab their consumer’s attention by creating a very effective video on the run up to Halloween. The video contains Carling combining Halloween with humour boyish pranks and beer. The video was so popular that it went viral in a matter of days and now has over 400,000 views – now if that’s not successful seasonal marketing, I don’t know what is.

Capital Fm

This South Wales radio station certainly didn’t miss out on the seasonal joy this year and released a great Trick or Treat video on their social media sites of one of their colleagues dressing up and scaring his fellow staff.

This just goes to show that using social media to share you great seasonal ideas will not go a miss. And it’s always nice to share some great content with your loyal social media followers.

Have you got a plan for this Halloween in your business?