A bespoke web app, web-based software, or a Progressive Web App (PWA) can dramatically improve the way your business runs and the service your customers are receiving.

Many organisations may be tempted to purchase off the shelf software to use straight away in order to improve their business. However, we offer fully bespoke software that is tailored specifically to your business’s needs and what you need to achieve.

Your business isn’t the same as everybody else’s – bespoke software will allow you to run more efficiently and have an edge over your competitors. So, want to know more about the process? We’ve outlined below the process timeline you could expect by having a bespoke software project carried out by us.

Initial Contact

After you have made initial contact with us whether it be through email or telephone, we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your business in general and what you want to get out of your bespoke software.

We will then propose a project to you with a cost, timescale, and some of the main functionality features, this can always then be amended as and when needed before the final proposal sign off.


Once we have the basis of the software pinned down we will then begin the design phase. Design isn’t always a necessary part of the project it does often depend on the type of software you require. Our graphic designer will create a design concept based on what we have already discussed and will then work with you on this to get it right.


Now that we have the design signed off we can begin development. This is usually the longest part of the process as the development and coding of the software can be timely depending on the type of software and functionality.


After the software is pretty much there, our team will begin testing the product this is very important as there could often be certain bugs and features that need ironing out a little bit. We test the product in terms of functionality, to make sure everything is working how it should be and we also test in terms of display and screen sizes ensuring the product can be used on multiple popular screen sizes.

First Look

As we come to the end of testing you will get sent the first look of your product. Bearing in mind that we are still going through the testing phase at this point so this will just give you a rough idea of how things are working and if it’s going to work for you. If you then decide you need more functionality added we can go through this with you.


After testing has been completed, we have run all GDPR checks and all who are involved are 100% happy with the final product it’s yours. We will provide you with ongoing support and training so you can get the most out of your bespoke software.

All of our software and websites are GDPR compliant and comply with all other necessary legislation. If you would like to discuss your bespoke software ideas with us get in touch today.