One of the best bits of feedback we get is our business knowledge, and how important it is to the success of a project.

I believe there are 4 key ingredients to a successful project.
  1. Technical
  2. Design
  3. Marketing
  4. Business

Yes, technically we can build the solution, whether it’s a website, bespoke web software, mobile app, inheriting a half-finished system, building from scratch, pure PHP, Magento, WordPress, and so on.

We can then add in the design knowledge, ensuring that the solution is on-brand, looks good, and has a great user experience – you need both, a technically functional solution, but also one that looks good and is easy to use.

But we’ve also got the marketing prowess because it’s no good having the next big thing unless it’s promoted correctly, you’ll have no users, and it’ll flop.

Believe me, I’ve seen enough ideas get no-where because people have invested in the solution and not the marketing!

Then there’s the business experience, having someone that can quickly understand what your business is, what you’re trying to do because that brings it all together. Behind the scenes, from a project management point of view, having someone that ‘gets’ what you’re trying to do and can translate that to designers, developers and marketeers is invaluable in a project.

Let us help you successfully turn your ideas into a solution that functions, looks good, it marketed well and has a solid business foundation. Get in touch today to speak to a member of our team.