This article will explain to you everything you need to know about the new Facebook updates

Recently Facebook has added two new services; Facebook’s Marketplace and Secrete Messenger. Here’s all you need to know about the services and how they will work for you.

Facebook’s Marketplace

The Marketplace has just recently become available in four countries; US, UK, Australia and New Zealand for Facebook users that are over 18 years old. The update can be seen on the Facebook App on iPhone and Android.

Facebook has notice that over the years people have been using Facebook groups to buy and sell old items with friends and family. So because of this popular trend, Marketplace will make it easier for Facebook users to buy and sell items and will also give individuals more reach to other customers by using the location settings.

How it works as a customer

Facebook Marketplace is easy to use with a basic layout and a simple selling process. The Marketplace icon has replaced the messenger icon when you open the app. The messenger icon has moved to the top left hand corner, this might take a bit of time getting used to.

Once on the page, pictures of items for sale in your area will appear with the price. If you wish to trailer your search you can simply use the search bar to find a particular product or you can change the location, category and price settings. When you find an item in which you are interested in, simply click onto the image to find out more information about the product and the seller. If you then wish to make an offer for the product simply message the seller directly by using marketplace and organise payment and delivery arrangements.

How it works as a seller

If you wish to sell a product on Marketplace, just like purchasing it is a very simple process. Firstly take a photo of the item you wish to sell or upload a current photo from your camera roll. Next, add the name of the item, a description and a price for the item. The more detail and better quality photo you use the more likely you are to get a lot of interest in your product, so bare that in mind when posting. After this simply confirm your location and select a category you wish your product to appear in. When you are happy with everything post your product and wait for enquires.

Facebook’s Secret messenger service

Want to feel more protected when using Facebook’s messenger service? Well you now can by using the secret messenger service.

How it works

The service basically gives users the availability to have better protected conversations where even Facebook can not read them, only the sender and receiver will be able to view the messages. You can also set a timer on the conversation so, just like snapchat, after the time is up the message will disappear for both the sender and the receiver. When creating a  secrete conversation the settings will only allow you to set the conversation up on one device. Also rich content is not supported in this service such as GIF’s, videos and payments but this might be updated to change in the near future.

Here’s how to set up Secret Conversations on a Smartphone

  1. Open the messenger app
  2. Click onto the Me icon in the bottom left hand corner
  3. Then scroll down until you see Secret Conversation
  4. Click onto Secrete Conversations and activate the service on your device
  5. Then click onto new message
  6. Select the secret option in the top right hand corner
  7. Then select the person you wish to send the secrete message
  8. Now you can edit the timer and setting if you wish to do so

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