We know that a lot of people sometimes think that websites are only successful with certain industries, but is this true for all industries?

Seasonality shapes demand in the retail industry, from presents at Christmas time to flowers at valentines and mother’s day, online shopping has gone through the roof the past few years with things such as flower delivery for those special occasions rising 40% last year alone. Not only this, but 41% of UK consumers purchased all their domestic appliances online last year.

These are great figures for the retail industry, but what else do we look for online in 2014? We found that last year alone 56% of UK car customers would research their car in mind before purchasing the actual car. 43% of UK drivers searched online to decide where to take their car for a service in their area and 14% of us actually purchased our cars online.

But it doesn’t stop there, we now use our online services to search for travel ideas reviews. 30% of us booked last minute holidays from a mobile device last year, with over 70% of us not knowing where we’d like to go when looking into buying a trip.

There’s now a clear indication that we don’t use the internet for our everyday searches anymore, but instead we’ve found ourselves looking for the best reviews on travel websites and even researching the best schools to send our children by using websites as a key influencer to which school is most suited all from the comfort of our own homes, or even out and about.

Use your website to make it easier for people to find you and your services/products. The business is out there and your job is to use your online presence to the best of your ability to attract your potential/current clients.