As we all know, a website is a visual representation of your business, acting as a virtual shop window. 87.9% of adults in the UK regularly use the internet. This could be to purchases products, research about your services or simply enquire about your business. Due to the huge percentage of internet users, your website is pretty much view able to your whole consumer group, depending on your area of business of course…

So, your website needs to be looking and functioning to the highest of standards to entice your footfall away from competitor’s sites and to your virtual shop window!

How can Copper Bay Creative help you…


All our website projects go through a design process before the site is built. Here we will design a modern and professional website using themes, colours and branding to match your business. Once you are completely happy with the design it will be built to the exact look you have signed off. This will ensure your website is looking trendy and you are happy that it represents your business.


Every website we design and build is bespoke to your business. We always consider how you want your site to look and feel making it unique and perfect for your customers. We always work closely with you allowing you to tweak ideas within the design stage until you are 100% happy with the final finished look.

Mobile responsive:

Every site we create, we always build to be mobile responsive. This is important as many internet users view the web through a mobile screen. Both the appearance of your site and user ability will be built for mobile as well as tablet and desktop. This will then give you a modern professional looking site on mobile view avoiding the awkward pinch to zoom situation.


So how will this benefit your business…

With a professional, modern, user friendly website your audience will definitely have a positive experience when visiting your virtual shop window. This will mean a better user experience, whether that’s purchasing a product from your website or simply researching your business services. With a positive online experience comes positive word of mouth advertising for your business. We hope that this will then inevitably lead to more custom for your business!

If you want us to give your current website a face lift and new design then contact us on 01792 293 366, it all starts with a conversation!