So what does this mean?

Google make money from paid ads, Google AdWords, they know that the left ads get more clicks than the right ads, which is why they’ve done this – you now get more left ads.

So what?

More left ads, plus more focus on map results, means the natural positions are even further down the page now. The free results listings that everyone wants have gone from 10 on a page at the top to 10 at the bottom. It’s likely that Google Shopping adverts will start to fill up the right hand side more too.

It’s less and less likely that you will get consistent traffic to your website from natural listings on Google.

This change brings the mobile experience, in one long column, and the desktop experience much more in-line with each other, especially when mobile usage of Google pretty much beats desktop usage of Google now.

What do you need to do?

You need to seriously consider the impact on your business getting found in Google.

For those that do AdWords already, we’ll be looking to see how the cost per clicks change for desktop usage.

For those that don’t do AdWords, now is the time to think about starting – Google needs to make money after all and that’s the way it does it.

How can we help?

We can manage your AdWords (and Facebook ads) account for you from £89 a month. We run workshops to teach you to do it yourself, these are from £49 per person.

Call the office on 01792 29 33 66 to find out more.