Our support team receive a number of requests from our clients every day, but one reoccurring topic is Google Maps where our clients ask us to take a look at theirs.

This could be for several reasons for example, if they need to update their location or if their map is causing an error on their website.

When we receive requests like this, in order to access our client’s map, we need something which is called a Google Map API key. This API key must be provided to us by our client.

We are then, understandably, faced with several questions from our clients asking what an API key is and where to get one. Not to worry, this blog should answer those questions for you so the next time you have a problem with your Google Maps you’ll know exactly what to do.

What is an API key?

An API key, when referring to Google Maps is a unique code given to you by Google which enables you to access Google Maps on your site. Your API key will allow people to see your pinned Google Map on your website.

Where do I find my API key?

In order for us to access your Google Maps or solve any issues for you, we will need an API key from your account. There are instructions for this provided by Google but below we have a few extra pointers just to help you out.

  • To retrieve your Google API key, you need to follow the instructions set by Google starting from part 2, “Create a Project
  • When you reach part 3, “Enable one or more APIs or SDK’s”, point 4, “On the Maps page, click the API or SDK you want to enable”, You need to select “Maps JavaScript API” (this is the case for most websites)
  • When you reach part 4, “Get, add, and restrict an API key”, there is no need to worry about the “restrict” part. We just need to create the key and find out what is it, so we can insert it into the right place in your website. To do this, follow these instructions (link). You will only need to carry out the first part “Get the API key”.

Once you have this, just let us know the API key via email and we can get any issues you are facing sorted for you.

If you have any other questions about your Google Maps API key or would like to know any more about any of our services, please get in touch today. It all starts with a conversation.