An issue we come across quite a lot is a sudden loss in website traffic.

We often have people come to us to ask for help as they have perhaps had a new website and is now experiencing a sudden drop in traffic. The truth is, this is quite a normal and common issue and it can usually be solved relatively easy. However, there can be times where your website may not nesecarily be to blame for the traffic decline.

When someone has a decline in traffic or something doesn’t seem quite right the first thing we would usually do is take a look at their Google Analytics account to see what could be causing the lack of traffic. Whether the decline is across the board or is just from one specific source such as Facebook.

Quite a lot of the time when someone experiences a drop in traffic the reason could just be due to the fact that the traffic isn’t there. This can be for a number of reasons such as a highly competitive industry where you are not promoting your website so it can get lost in an abundance of similar website. Or on the other hand it could be that your website belongs to a very niche industry.

Take a look at just how Google Analytics and Google Ads can impact your website traffic in this video.

If you would like to find out more about this or have a chat about your website and it’s traffic get in touch today. Whether it’s a case of tweaking your website or maybe beginning a brand awareness campaign on Google ads we can help.