At the end of last week, the team at Copper Bay Creative pulled on a pair of their favourite jeans in support of jeans for genes day.

This is a day that is recognised across the UK and has many of us doing something to help raise money and make a difference to children with genetic disorders.

Jeans for genes day is also recognised with many celebrities such as Coleen Rooney, Louis Smith and Towie Star, Samantha Faires who have made huge efforts in the past to support the children that really need it by wearing their denim, making donations and promoting the charity across the county, all of which have helped to change these children’s lives.

Here are some of the figures that will help Jeans for genes day change lives:

£25 will pay for 1 hour of specialist telephone advice for parents of a child with a genetic disorder.

£50 will pay for a parent to attend a support day giving advice and guidance.

£100 will pay for a child to enjoy an adaptive sport session, helping them build confidence and friendships.

£350 will pay for a weekend away with others like them, supported by trained medical staff.

£1,300 will give a child access to a Tobii Eye Gaze machine, so that they can communicate using their eyes.

Here’s a few photos of the team that helped raise a great amount of money to help support a great cause.