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Your own customised marketing strategy and website design for FREE within 7 days!

If you do not like what we create then use our 100% Money Back guarantee and we will refund the money. If you do, and you ask us to implement the plan, we will take the cost off your first invoice!.

What's included:

  • An audit of your current website
    We will perform an audit of your current site covering SEO and Usability, and identify an quick wins that you could implement now!
  • A custom website design for your business
    Our UX Designer will create a custom homepage design for your business using the experience from hundreds of websites to show you what a high converting website would look like for you
  • A custom sales funnel to generate leads
    Our team will research your products and business and generate a custom sales funnel outline which will drive more sales when implemented
  • A strategy call with a UX Designer and Digital Strategist We will talk you through our findings, make suggestions and answer any questions you may have.

The benefits of having this plan

Just a few reasons why this type of plan could work for you.

  • Ask questions of our expert team during your 1 to 1 call.
  • Present the findings back to your management team to visualise your strategy ready for the next marketing push
  • Show potential investors that you have a marketing plan delivered by an external team of experts
  • Work out your next steps without committing to long term and costly agreements

Hear more about the value you will get from this...

Our MD Chris talks you quickly though what you will gain from our 777-7 offer.

Re-imagine your website design

See an example of how we re-imagined the website for a previous client below.

[Placeholder for image swiper of website re-design]

How it will work

We aim to make the process as easy as possible.

  1. Buy the package online
  2. Complete the form we send you and return it to us
  3. Book your meeting for your results (give us at least 7 days)
  4. We may come back with more questions if needed
  5. We will perform our research and audit on your business and website
  6. Our UX Designer will produce your homepage design
  7. Our Digital Strategist will collate the research and audit results along with their recommendations
  8. We will present our findings on the call
  9. If you decide you are happy with the results we will send all the materials over to you

How much time will I need to commit?

We aim to do the majority of the work, but we will require you to complete the initial questionnaire which will likely take 20-30 minutes and then join our call at the end which will be 1 hour.

When will I NOT be able to claim the guarantee?

We believe in the quality of our work and the value it will offer you, but you will be able to claim the guarantee for a 100% refund if you decide not to receive a copy of the design, sales funnel, audit and recommendations after the call is completed.

Once we email you all the files you will not be able to claim the refund. If you commit to a website build from us you will still be able to claim the price of this package off your first invoice.

Can I make suggestions on the design and sales funnel?

Yes definitely! The clearer the business goals are to us the
better the results we will deliver.

When completing the initial questionnaire, you will have ample opportunity to explain your goals and what you like / dislike. Our team will take that into account and request further clarification if needed.

How does it work if I decided to ask Copper Bay to implement the website design and marketing plan?

As part of the results we give you, we will include a ball park figure of how much it would cost to implement the recommendations we make.

Just speak to our projects team who will be able to get the ball rolling for you.

Can I use the results you create with another Agency/Team?

Yes of course. If you did decide to take the plan further we would of course like to do this for you. But we will send over a full copy of the design, sales funnel, audit and recommendations in formats that other teams can work from them.

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