GoogleOnline marketing and the way we do it is changing all the time. In an industry that moves so fast, it can be difficult to keep up, knowing your audience and what they’re doing has never been so important.

We’ve been thinking a lot this month about what could change next year and how we’ll adapt to it in the coming months, which is why we’ve got some great statistics to share with you which will also help you in your new year marketing strategy.

  1. 45% of Google searches for fitness are now coming from a mobile
  2. 24% of Brits make online their first stop for pre-purchase advice. – Something to think about before Christmas.
  3. 89% of us Brits go online daily for personal use – Ah, the daily Facebook check.
  4. 44% of Brits watch video on mobile at least as often as on desktop. – Woah, we can see that mobile creeping up more and more. Definitely something to think about in terms of mobile usability on your website.
  5. 71% of shoppers use smartphones for research in-store. – That’s right, shoppers are looking at your products in the store but using their phones to search reviews and comparisons.
  6. 47% of people say they turn to an app when they need information quickly.
  7. 40% of Brits will have started Christmas Shopping by October.
  8. 51% of Brits compare deals online before buying.
  9. 10% of Brits find new products via social media. – If you’re a retailer, this is a great way to find the best audience for you.
  10. 35% of British consumers do a mobile product search at least weekly.