How recent Snapchat updates can really boost your business engagement.


Snapchat has never been a popular digital communication platform for businesses, but has mainly been targeted for personal use only. However, as Facebook and Instagram have become more popular with business use, by being able to include images, videos and URL links, Snapchat have decided to follow suit to stay competitive.

Snapchat user numbers are growing daily, as the app provides something different for the user with the use of filters, images, videos and bitmoji. Comparing this to other social networking sites such as Twitter, which is predicted to decrease dramatically in user rate, Snapchat is becoming the new growing trend which businesses need to engage with if they want to stay up to date with their target audience.


In the past week, Snapchat has updated its settings to introduce Snapcodes. This means that Snapchat users can now include a URL link into their profiles just like Instagram and Facebook currently allow. This allows other Snapchat users can copy the QR Snapcode and then open the URL link, to the website, or app. This will then allow the Snapchat user to explore through your website and gain information about your business. This is particularly important for businesses to begin to adopt due to the growing users use on the app meaning via this most businesses can reach a wide customer pool.

How to create your Snapcode:

  1. Open the Snapchat app
  2. Click onto the settings
  3. Scroll and click onto Snapcode settings
  4. Enter business URL link
  5. Input image from website into the Snap Ghost which best represents your website

Snap Geofilters:

Snapchat Geofilters have been around for a while and have become extremely popular with users on the app. But, up until recently Snap Geofilters have only been used to identify the user’s location. For example, if an individual takes a photo or video image in London, then they could use the London filter over the image to show to other Snapchat users where the individual is and which location they are taking the photo in.

Nevertheless, Snapchat has recently updated the app to encourage more business use with this setting. For businesses, this can work two ways;

  1. Firstly, businesses can use a Snap Geofilter to promote their business for a short period such as an opening weekend for a new store or a special event happening in house. For example, a new barbershop is opening and has designed a Snapchat filter to use for the opening weekend. This means that anyone that comes to the opening can take pictures and videos of their event and then upload the filter on top to show their friends where they are. This then helps to spread awareness of the new store and increase its customer base.
  2. Secondly, the Snap Geofilter can also be used for long term promotion. For example, a restaurant might want to design a filter especially for their store only. This then means that when customers come to the restaurant they can take Snapchat photos and videos of the food and their experience and include the restaurants filter. This then tells all the customers Snapchat users where the individual is dinning and will likely to encourage family and friends to also want to visit the restaurant.

How to create your Snapchat Geofilter:

  1. Design a filter
  2. Upload filter onto
  3. Select location of where you want the filter to appear
  4. Select how long you want the filter to last for
  5. Save, pay and confirm filter


If you wish to have help with designing your business Snapchat filter, then contact us at Copper Bay Creative as we have an in-house design team that can create a high-quality filter for you. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or need any help with your digital marketing. Email us on or you can give us a call on 01792 293 366.