Joe – the man behind the strategy!

If you’re looking for a data-minded strategist to help you set up the perfect campaign then Joe is your guy.

He’s worked with the internal team and clients at Copper Bay to support with marketing and has been a huge asset to the paid ads team!

This blog will cover a few questions about his time helping out the agency and even include some interesting facts about him.

About working with Copper Bay

Meet Joe1. What made you want to work with Copper Bay?

I wanted to work with Copper Bay because I was impressed by their team and their approach to marketing. They have a strong focus on data and analytics, which is something that I’m passionate about. I also liked the fact that they are a small, independent agency, which means that I would have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and learn from a lot of different people.

2. Do you remember your first day?

I do remember my first day at Copper Bay. I was a little nervous, but everyone was so welcoming and friendly that I quickly felt at home. I was also excited to get started on my first project.

3. How has your work changed over the last year?

My work has changed a lot over the last year. I’ve learned a lot about paid advertising and strategic approaches to accounts, and I’ve also had the opportunity to work on a wider variety of projects with tight and exciting deadlines.

4. What has been your most significant achievement/success?

My most significant achievement/success so far has been helping to launch a new marketing campaign for one of our clients. The campaign was a huge success, and it helped to increase the client’s website and revenue from 0 to over 6 figures yearly.

5. What’s your favourite part of the work?

My favourite part of the work is the variety. I get to work on a lot of different projects, and I get to learn from a lot of people. I also like the fact that I’m constantly learning and growing. The variety of clients and new strategic approaches to growing their businesses is what I find most rewarding.


Now the fun questions…

1. Tell us something about you that might surprise people.

I can name every world cup winner and top goal scorer since 1930.

2. Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?

Tom Hanks, as I loved him growing up and think he is Hollywood’s best.

Quick questions
3. Spring or Summer?

I love both spring and summer, but if I had to choose one, I would say spring. I love the fresh air, the blooming flowers, and the longer days.

4. Silence while you work or music while you work?

I prefer to work with music in the background. I find that it helps me to focus and be more productive.

5. Cats or Dogs?

Dogs, definitely. I love their unconditional love and companionship.

6. Tea or Coffee?

Tea, although I do have a coffee first thing in the morning!