Is 2019 going to be your business year of success? Perhaps the best place to start is with a brand-new website?

Below are just some of the many reasons a brand-new website will help your business succeed in 2019.

User-Friendly and Responsive

The digital landscape is ever-changing, always evolving. For your website to survive and succeed, you need to ensure it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but user-friendly and mobile responsive. All new websites built by us at Copper Bay Digital are designed to be user-friendly to optimise your customers’ experience and ultimately generate more conversions. Whether that’s in the form of enquiries, sales or brochure downloads. All the sites we build are also fully mobile responsive meaning they will adapt to any size screen without distortion.

Fresh Start

A new website can mean a fresh, new start for your business. This could be the perfect chance to review your website content. Maybe you could do with some new photography or the copy could be clearer and more concise. Also, ensure that your copy includes keywords and phrases, related to your business, to help with SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. This can help you rank higher in Google listings and get your website seen by more potential customers.

Help with Digital Marketing

A new, easy to use website will also help your digital marketing. If you are paying for ads on Google or Facebook, your new website landing pages should be re-designed to appeal more to your customers. Clearer calls-to-action improved layout and new images.

Can We Help You?

Do you think your website needs an upgrade? Needs to be more user-friendly to attract more customers? We can help. Our team of in-house developers and designers can create a bespoke, new website that is mobile responsive, easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Get in touch today by calling, 01792 293 366. It all starts with a conversation!