Like all of the events of 2020 across the world, this year’s Entrepreneurs Circle Convention was slightly different than the rest with all stages, expo stalls, and Q&A’s online.

However, that’s not to say it wasn’t equally as educational and entertaining as the years previous. Our digital marketing team had a great time being “edutained” from the comforts of our own homes.

There was one stand out keynote speaker who we were particularly inspired by. We’d heard plenty about him in the past and have even read his book, but there is something about Marcus Sheridan that just gets you thinking when it comes to content marketing. The whole notion of Marcus’ theory and book is ‘They Ask, You Answer’.

He says that the way to dominate your industry is by going to places that your competitors don’t go and by saying the things they won’t say, ultimately becoming the voice of trust.

The whole idea is that you listen to your target audiences, listen to what they are saying, what they are asking, and then answer those questions. An easy one, most customers no matter what the industry are obsessed with the cost. So talk to them about it, let them know how much your services are, and explain how the costing works.

Another idea is to speak about the potential problems in your service and how a customer can solve them. Again, this puts trust into your prospects because you’re being entirely open and the same goes for comparing your service to another similar service while being completely unbias. Your website should feel like a learning hub to the end-user who is 99% of the time trying to find out this type of information. Marcus says your website should be 80% about the market place and 20% about you as a company.

If anyone wants to know more about Marcus Sheridan’s ideas we highly recommend his book called “They Ask You Answer”. If you would like our help in perfecting your content marketing, get in touch today.