Day’s Motor Group

Days Motor Group are a vehicles leasing and sales Business

Day’s Motor Group Swansea are great customers of ours and we have worked with them very closely over the years on many different projects and websites of theirs such as: Simply Vans, Day’s Rental, Day’s Motor Home and Day’s Motor Parks. We have revamped websites for Day’s Motor Group, we have designed and created apps for them and have also built bespoke software to help them with the running of their business.

Days Motor Group have relied on us with a number of their sites to help improve functionality of their booking systems through development. This now means that all of their booking systems are user friendly and efficient for them as a business.

We help Day’s keep their sites fresh and updated and have redesigned some sites such as Day’s Rental. Redesigning elements like this is great because it means that they always have a modern updated website without having to rebuild the site.

Day’s Motor group will always be loyal customers of ours and we are excited to be working closely with them on their next project! If you think we can help you like we have Day’s Motor Group simply contact us today!