Jane Systems

Copper Bay were engaged by Nigel, Managing Director of Jane Systems
to undertake some upgrades on their WordPress based website.

This then led onto a long term relationship with Jane Systems and a vast schedule of works to help modernise their software.Using Copper Bay’s website development skills, there have been various bespoke projects
undertaken to provide new web-based access to their successful desktop-based software.

A portal has been created to allow users to access part of the Jane HR software via a fully mobile
responsive www.jane-gateway.co.uk website. Powered by bespoke software that allows the creation
and configuration of access for clients to their existing Jane HR installations.

To allow Jane Systems to offer new services to their clients, www.jane-recruitment.co.uk was built to
allow a plugin for client websites to show job vacancies and applications all powered by Jane HR.
Copper Bay has also been commissioned to undertake further website changes to their existing
WordPress powered websites. If you think you could benefit from our services contact us today!