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Arts and Education Network: Mid and West Wales

NAWR first approached us at Copper Bay because they wanted a complex but stylish new website which included a login system functionality.

We used their current modern branding and logo to create a stylish new feel to their website. We kept the overall design of the website simple, using bright colours against a plain white background. On the homepage, we designed a search bar function to be the focal point of the page. This encourages users of the new site to utilise this function, meaning that they can search for the exact information they need. This makes the new website much more user friendly.

When developing this website, we spent time building a login functionality to link to a bespoke system. This then allows the site to operate around a profiles database with membership levels. NAWR were happy with how the system worked when finished, and it met their exact needs.

As SEO is so important and needs to continue to improve once a website goes live, we included a Twitter feed along with news and case study sections to this website. We then provided NAWR’s marketing team will full CMS training. This now allows NAWR to continue to update the website with new content and images, keeping Google happy!

NAWR was a great project with lots of development elements for our team to get stuck into. We look forward to supporting NAWR in the future and of course will always only be a phone call away!