RE Plant Hire is a company that hires out plant machinery, such as cranes, including the driver and a foreman to building sites

Our client required a web app to be used by their site managers and staff, to help ensure compliance with the laws regarding health and safety, risk assessment and recording of all relevant data.

The app had to be fully responsive as it was to be used both on-site (via iPad) and in the office on desktop devices. It was also key that the app was easy to navigate and straight forward to use given the possible fast-paced and busy environment of a building site.

Each “job” in the system is a long piece of documentation that covers:

  • The managers/supervisors responsible, and their specific roles;
  • The relevant legislation, codes of practice, and company documentation that covers the processes needed;
  • Detailed assessments of the site, the items of plant hire to be used, and the Personal Protective Equipment to be worn;
  • A full risk assessment;
  • Strict instructions on how to carry out the job;
  • Action plan in case of problems or emergency

The software also includes a full audit trail, listing all changes made, when and by whom, for accountability. Overall helping the company to improve the efficiency of the business and its staff.

  • We built a bespoke web app that provided our client one central point for managing their plant hire services