Services included:

Swansea BID

Making Swansea City a better place to shop.

We first started working with BID when they engaged with us to create a Christmas countdown clock for the big TV in Castle Gardens, Swansea City Centre.

After the huge success of this Swansea BID then asked if we could design a mobile app. The app would need to allow users to register and view shops within the Swansea area that are offering promotions to app users. You would then present your virtual card via the app in store to receive the promoted offer. This app would need to replace their Big Heart of Swansea Discount Card.

The need for this growth was apparent as Swansea BID needed to evolve with technology in this digital culture and become more modern and innovative. The best way to do this was to replace their card with an app. Users can now log into the app using their existing card details or by creating a new one. The app also allows you to see other information about shopping in Swansea and events held within the City.

Over the years we have also assisted in designing and printing all sorts of branded marketing materials. We enjoyed working with Swansea BID and are excited to help them grow and develop further in the future.