• Overview

    Working with young people aged 11-25 in Rhondda Cynon Taf, YEPS work to provide access to free activities and other relevant support.

    Their work is invaluable in supporting young people across a variety of key areas. From providing youth clubs to helping young people transition into further education or employment.
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  • Listening to your audience feedback can improve engagement.
  • The Situation

    We are proud to have developed their original website back in 2016. However, after receiving feedback from the young people they worked with, it became clear that an app would be beneficial.

    This would allow them to access the valuable services that YEPS offers all within a single app. Hopefully working to improve engagement by catering to their preferences.

    As this was a brand-new tool, they needed to be able to offer support easily to the schools in their area. It was also critical to encourage early buy-in to make sure that the app was fully utilised.

    They also wanted to rebrand their website from their existing “Wicid” brand to their revised “YEPS” branding.

    The Thinking

    They were hopeful that a booking app would help increase engagement with the service. This in turn would hopefully grow signups for their event platform and improve event attendance.

    YEPS team members would benefit from the app too, making managing events easier. Working to solve the problem of issuing and scanning tickets by bringing them into the app.

    However, as this would be a brand-new tool, they identified that they might need to support the launch with multimedia. Users would find it easier to navigate the app if tutorial videos were available in both English and Welsh.

    To drive excitement for their new offering, promotional assets were also needed. It was important for them to encapsulate the key benefits of using the app whilst also looking professional.
  • Custom-built apps can help support your existing website.
  • Increasing signups and event attendance with an app tailored to your audience.
  • The Solution

    We worked on identifying the features that would be needed for the app. The app needed to be engaging, easy to use and convenient for the young people.

    We first wrote a comprehensive specification before moving on to creating high-fidelity designs of the core app screens. We then built the cross-platform app (iOS and Android), keeping the client up to date throughout the process.

    To streamline the process for internal staff, we extended their current event website to allow it to communicate with the app using a sophisticated API. This way they were able to use a single platform for event management.

    In addition to the core app features, we wanted to give YEPS the capability to track event attendance. We did this through QR Code scanning for each attendee through the app by event managers.

    To ensure the launch went smoothly, we provided marketing materials including graphical assets, copy and video. This allowed them to not only promote it across their social media channels but also help users navigate the app with ease.
  • A rebranded website to fit with current business goals.
  • Using promotional content and tutorial videos to support the launch of your app.
  • The result

    Moving from a website to an app was a game changer for the client. Through our app, young people were able to discover and book events, as well as receive updates via push notifications.

    The assets we provided meant they could raise awareness of the app as well as the events they were running. This led to over 3,000 students registering since the go-live date.

    The app has helped make event management for YEPS easier by solving their challenge of keeping young people up to date, issuing and scanning tickets.