Firstly, how Pinterest can work for your business…

Pinterest currently has 150 million Pinterest users with 54% of women age 34 to 55 on the site. For most businesses, Pinterest is a great way to expand customer reach and build trust as a brand leading to customer loyalty.

To be successful on the network your business needs to post attractive content and relevant information about your field. For example, if you owned a healthy foo

d restaurant chain you could generate reach by posting images and videos of the food you produce, commenting what it is and what the health benefits are from eating this type of food. Tips and advice about how to cook healthy food would also help generate reach and pinning posts from other industry expects about this field on your pin board will also strength your success on the network. This would then attract Pinterest users who are interested in healthy foods or even a healthy lifestyle such as gym goers. These users can then repin your posts on their boards sharing your brand across the network.

Secondly, how can this reach then drive users to your website…

When you set up your Pinterest account you have the option to set up a business or personal account. If you currently have a personal account, you can update this to your business account through the settings or you can create a separate business account.

How to set up a Pinterest business account:
  1. Enter your email address, business name and create a password. Next, select which type of business you are.
  2. You then need to insert your website URL so that Pinterest can access your logo and analytics for your site.
  3. You will know when this is completed, as your logo will be inserted into your Pinterest account.
  4.  Next you can add the save button onto your website which means that Pinterest users can save and pin posts from your website onto their boards.
  5. You can change and select the format of the save button that you want to appear on your website. Once you are happy you simply copy the code into your website where you want the save button to appear.
  6. This then completes the setup of your business Pinterest account and you can start pinning.

Finally, how can you monitor the success of your Pinterest business account…

Pinterest provides a free analytics tool which will give you all the information you need to find out how the network is benefiting your business. The tool will explain how many impressions your pins are receiving and which pins are the highest performing and most successful. It will explain what device users are using to interact with your pins and how people are interacting with the save button on your website. All this information will help you improve your business Pinterest account to reach as many potential customers as possible. This is a great way to monitor and drive traffic to your website.

If you need any help with setting up your business Pinterest account or need any more information about how to use digital marketing to benefit your business, then you can contact us at Copper Bay Creative. We have an in house digital marketing team that are happy to help and can make your business grow on the digital network. Call us on 01792 293 366 or you can drop us an email on