The power of video marketing is huge. Research shows that consumers spend nearly 20 minutes a day watching online videos on a mobile device. We are all guilty of it!

Video is great because it is the most engaging form of content, much easier to digest then reading paragraphs of text!

Check out how you can use video marketing to improve your digital presence:

Landing pages:

As a small business, embedding video content on your website landing pages is a wonderful way to increase conversion rates. If you are either directing your customers from a social media post or paid advertising, it is always important that the quality of your landing page is high. Instead of directing your traffic to a page full of text, which is super boring to read, you can direct your customers to a page full of video content. This is much more interesting and easier for the consumer to digest. This is likely to increase the number of users sticking around on your website and converting by either purchasing a product or contacting your business! This simple content change can completely boost conversion rates from your website, helping your company grow and develop!

Happier mobile customers:

As we all know mobile is quickly becoming the lead contender in the digital world, so keeping your mobile consumers happy is very important! For a customer viewing your website on a mobile device, it is much harder to read blocks of text due to the small screen size. This often leads to consumers clicking off your site and onto the next on Google search. To avoid this happening, keep your mobile customers happy by providing video content! Whether this is to explain about the products your business offers or to explain information, users are much much more likely to watch a video then read text. This will help you to engage much better with your consumers, leading to better relationships!

Testimonials and reviews:

We all love checking out the reviews before visiting a restaurant or purchasing a new pair of trainers. So why not create video reviews or testimonials from your customers! This is a fab way to explain to new customers what you offer and what standard you provide to your customers. Filming people talking about your business is a way of using word of mouth advising in a digital form. Again, this is much more engaging than text and will fully explain what your business has to offer!


Think video advertising could really boost your business but do not have the tools to create excellent quality videos? Well, do not worry we can help you! Our team can provide you with the guidance and tools you need to visually market your business.

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