Snapchat, unlike Facebook and Instagram has never really made it easy for businesses to integrate and utilise the app, until now!

From today, if your app is updated you will notice that when you take a photograph on Snapchat you will see a paperclip icon down the right-hand side tool bar. When you click onto the icon, the app then allows you to type in a URL link. When you have typed this link into the app once, it will save it so you don’t have to search for the URL link again when wanting to use it repeatedly. When your chosen URL link has been selected and uploaded to the image you can send this to your other Snapchat users or upload it to your story. This then means other Snapchat users can click through from the app to your chosen URL landing page. Cool stuff!

But what does this mean for businesses?

This means that businesses can utilise this app update to drive traffic from Snapchat to their website to help encourage conversions. For example, you could take a photograph of a product you sell, then include the URL link to the products page on your website. This then means Snapchat users who are interested in the product can simply click the link and go straight to the product saving them the time and effort searching the internet for it. This is then likely to increase your conversion rate as you have created a simple and easy customer journey.

This update might not be beneficial to every business, particularly if you audience are not Snapchat users. But for many businesses, targeting a younger audience, will find this update very useful if utilised.

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