Halloween is fast approaching, and you may be thinking about how you can incorporate the popular day into your marketing campaigns.

Not only is it fun and different for your customers, but it also shows you’re relevant and up-to-date which speaks volumes for your business. Check out some successful Halloween campaigns from big brands that have taken place over the years.

Burger King’s Halloween Burger

Burger King love Halloween, and they also love letting their product become their campaign. First it was their black ‘Halloween Whopper’ and this year they have introduced the green ‘Nightmare King’. Would you give it a try?

Tesco’s Halloween Social Media Fest

It’s no secret that Tesco relish in everything Halloween! From their huge themed aisles in store to their ‘spookermarket’ television ads. But, Tesco also make very good use of digital marketing channels, promoting Halloween through their social media platforms. The best thing about this kind of Halloween marketing is that it’s relatively cheap and easy!
They’ve gone all out on Twitter this year, sharing videos on Halloween party food ideas and focused on a ‘low budget Halloween’ with discount on their fancy dress costumes.

Fanta’s Spooktacular Packaging

Fanta went all out last year, repackaging all of their cans with skeletons, vampires and other Halloween characters. This was actually part of their elevator-crash Virtual Reality experience they held at numerous locations over the UK. The also developed a Snapchat filter as part of the campaign.







M&M’s TV Advert Series

M&M is known for their hilarious television adverts. That’s what makes them so successful during Halloween. Not only are they a treat brand highly sought-after during Halloween but their humour also makes them stand out at a typically frightful time.


The fast fashion brand always keeps up to the minute with the latest trends and Halloween is no exception. You can search for the perfect Halloween look and they’re offering ‘spooked’ discount codes in the run up.








Asda usually take a different approach to Halloween. They tend to focus more on children. Fancy dress costumes and trick or treating rather than the scare factor like many other brands. This works for Asda as a supermarket as they appeal to families, selling a lot of fancy dress items and treats for children.