We recently received an email. The email was from a father whose son plays for St Joseph’s Colts football team who were appealing to us to become their sponsor.

The local football team were due to take a big step in their career and had been unexpectedly let down last minute by their sponsor who had pulled out. So, St Joseph’s Colts approached us to ask if we would sponsor them, and of course, being a local sports team, we said yes!

St Joseph’s Colts is an under 12’s local football team who have just begun their first season at 11 aside football which of course is a massive step for them. The team play from September through to April in the Swansea Junior League.

The team are based in the Hafod area with Pentrehafod Comprehensive School being their main pitch. However, the team do enjoy travelling further afield to festivals in South West Wales such as Llanelli, Cardiff and Carmarthen. Their goal now is to expand their travels even further to larger festivals such as the festival held in Butlins.

It has been a privilege to be able to help these young boys. Although we may be a digital company, we still believe that it is so important that children exercise and get fresh air and spend time in the outdoors. So, when we approached, there would be no chance we would be able to decline such an opportunity.