Is your business looking to demonstrate its true connection with Wales? To make things a little easier .Wales and .Cymru are now available to pre order as domain names.

This gives your business the opportunity to have a completely recognisable identity by being able to show your association with Wales.

If your target market is purely based in Wales, then what better way to show your commitment than by having the .Wales or .Cymru domain names? These give you the chance to really tap into the Welsh customer base or even reach further-afield.

Not only does this appeal to welsh audiences and welsh speakers, but it is also a great way to promote your products and services uniquely to Wales.

You can demonstrate your support to Wales and its culture, and also have a very memorable web address.

If you are interested in pre ordering these domain names please get in touch at 01792293366.

Key dates and terms

There are three types of pre-orders you can make for .wales and/or .cymru domain names:

Welsh Business Priority

This period is for holders of trademarks not submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse

Period dates: 3rd November – 24th December 2014


This period allows interested parties to apply for web addresses that have not yet been registered in previous stages

Period dates: 29th December – 25th February 2014

General Availability

This period allows users to pre-order domains that have not been previously registered on a first come, first served basis

Period dates: Starts 1st March 2015