We know that there has been a lot of emphasis the past few years on why your businesses should have a mobile responsive site; along with the countless campaigns as to why you should be leaping onto this opportunity to sell your products online. Is this something that you’ve brushed aside in an attempt to hide away from something new?

Websites and having an online presence in general can be a very daunting thought for many businesses; but we see it as, if you’re not selling your products online then it’s like having your physical shop closed for one day, and no businesses we know would voluntarily shut down their business for a whole day. Seeing our customers have the success they do through selling online, it’s hard for us to see any negatives as to why selling online wouldn’t be beneficial for your business.

But if you feel that you haven’t heard enough of the facts to sway your opinion on mobile shopping, we have gathered a few of the facts that will definitely have you thinking…

  • The number of UK smartphone users has more than doubled in the three years.
  • As well as the fact above, In the last three years, the number of people owning a mobile in the UK has risen from 30% to 86%.
  • One in three online purchases now come from a mobile or tablet device.
  • 67% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product if they find out about it through an online search.
  • 88% of visitors who arrive at a site through mobile search ads would not have clicked through otherwise.
  • Despite 82% of luxury purchases being bought in-store, 78% of shoppers research online before they buy.
  • 79% of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers.