We often speak with people who have been thinking about creating the next ‘big thing’.

It’s my favourite kind of project, the world needs constant innovation – just look at Amazon, Uber, AirBnB compared to Mothercare, Thomas Cook, Woolworths, Maplins, Toys R Us.

I’ll be honest, some ideas solve the individuals problem, and no one else – but some have got potential, and we try to advise our clients as best as possible, without being too negative!

But what we’ve been doing recently for a number of clients is helping them refine their idea and create what some call a Pitch Deck, Presentation, Investor Pack, Mock ups – it’s all much the same really.

First of all it’s thinking through the project – is there a market here?

Then creating some branding, mock-ups of the mobile app, web app, and other aspects to the software. How does it look on Social Media, in Email campaigns, etc.

By investing time in creating visuals of the project, it helps refine the offering and functionality.

Far quicker and cheaper than building the whole thing before testing the market need.

Then there’s also the option of creating a website to ‘register interest’ to really understand if there’s a market for the idea before investing in the development.

When it does come to the development, there’s ways of creating the screens only, to test the usability and to get real world feedback, then building in functionality, and putting the ‘bells and whistles’ on last – rather than diving in and building the whole polished thing in one swoop.

If you’ve got an idea you’d like to talk through, get in touch – it’s free to talk!