Here are put top tops on setting up an Instagram for business profile.

1. Reserve an Instagram name as close your company name as possible.

When setting up your business pages, it may also be worth looking into if the business name is the available on all social media platforms. This will make it easier for customers to find you on social media.

2. Set your profile to public

When using instagram for your brand or business, ensure your account is set to public. You want people to be able to find your social media platforms as naturally people what to have a look and nose around.

3. Make your profile picture your logo

Make sure this runs across all your social platforms so that it’s clear to your audience that this is your official page.

4. Fill in your BIO

Make sure your bio is filled with delightful, actionable and informative information about your brand.

This should include:

  • Who you are & what you do (whether it’s products or services)
  • A tone and personality
  • Call to action – what should people do when they get to your page?

5. URL allocation

Make sure you use the URL space to your advantage, for example, if you’ve posted an offer on your page, edit the URL to match that offer (sort of like a landing page).

6. Relevant posts

The point of your instagram page is to draw people to your website to buy from you. So make sure all your posts are relevant to the business but also relatable – nobody likes businesses that just put the emphasis on selling.

7. Use hashtags

Nothing work better than a hashtag for getting the conversation going. These can be found by people who aren’t currently following you and can also help you grow your audience/followers. We’d suggest using around 5-10 hashtags – you could even make your own brand hashtag.

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