Brands all over the world are capitalizing on Royal Wedding fever.

With the big day just one day away, families all over the world are expected to be having viewing parties in abundance. This means when it comes to marketing, for most brands/business the Royal Wedding is an opportunity not to be missed. Many brands have failed, desperately trying to make the connection but if you get it right it could help skyrocket your sales.

Here Are 5 examples of our favourite campaigns:


Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme has nailed this one, understanding that rings are a fundamental part of any wedding, with the royal wedding being no exception. The popular doughnut brand has released a limited edition “Gold Ring” doughnut, making sure families across the world can enjoy the festivities whilst snacking on the delicious treat.



KFC is excellent at creating fun playful pieces of digital marketing content, I mean just look at what they did while the company was going through a major chicken shortage

This time they have designed a commemorative bucket which is said to be “lavish and regal”. The bucket itself does look very sharp with an all-white with gold trim and a seal that reads, “We declare a regal day of celebration, jubilation … and fried chicken.”

As well as that they have teamed up with Iris worldwide to create 25 handmade limited-edition bone china buckets. The Bucket features a “22carat burnished gold” rim and can be won by members of KFC’s Colonel Club.



Soda Stream

This fantastic simplistic campaign by soda stream must be one of the standout pieces of royal wedding marketing. Soda stream has created a limited-edition series of fascinator topped bottles. The bottles feature tiny wedding hats (which we just love) with the date of the wedding inscribed on the label. The Royal edition bottles will be auctioned off with all proceeds going towards Surfers Against Sewage, a plastic-free charity supported by the royal couple themselves.




McVite’s has created a limited-edition pack of chocolate digestives to commemorate the royal wedding. The campaign was run exclusively on Twitter and open to users across the globe.

The snack is a combination of the classic McVitie’s chocolate digestive recipe with the addition of fudge pieces and brownie flavorings. Just 50 packs were made available via the brands Twitter account. This campaign beautiful highlights the British delicacy, and with parties expected all over the world keeps them relevant in the eyes of consumers.




Playing on the news that Prince Harry Proposed to Meghan Markle over a chicken dinner, M&S have given their chicken sandwich a royal makeover to pay tribute to the happy couple.



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