Why is brand awareness important?



As a business, you should always think about how to positively communicate to new customers about what you have to offer. For example, just like a shop front window, consumers make an instant opinion on your brand and whether or not it appeals to their personal taste and need. So, brand awareness is all about the opinion and reflection that consumers personally create about your business.

 Once you have created a solid brand, you want to be able to spread this brand to new audiences so that people can recognise your logo and business. This means that when a consumer is in need of what your business offers they are more likely to choose to operate with your company if they are aware of the brand and understand the standard and quality that they will receive.


A great way to implement this is to use customer testimonials. This offers new customers a transparent, honest opinion about your business and consumers can then make up their opinion based on other peoples experiences.


Below are examples of how you can use testimonials to boost brand awareness, also including examples of how we at Copper Bay Creative have put this into practice.

Social Media:

Sharing, engaging and posting on social media is a great way to reach new audiences and therefore a great way to boost brand awareness.

Using testimonials or reviews stated by your current customers can be posted on either your business social media page or the customers personal page. Either way, this formal comment about your business is live on social platforms. This allows friends, family and followers to like, share, comment and retweet this post spreading the comment viral. Due to the engagement on the post, this will then reach new audiences and consumers making more and more people aware of your brand and what other people have experienced when working with your company.

We at Copper Bay Creative use social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to share comments and written testimonials our customers have stated. For example, one of our clients, Eastside Dental, gave us a written testimonial once we had completed their new website project. We then took a photo of this written testimonial and posted it on social media, tagging Eastside Dental into the post. This then allowed people to openly comment, like and share the post boosting Copper Bay’s brand awareness and transparency.


Website and Video testimonials:

Another way to increase brand awareness using testimonials is to populate your business website with these formal comments. This means that when new customers visit your website, it allows them to get a true understanding about your brand from a previous consumers experience. Again, this helps to promote transparency to the new audience and helps to build up an element of trust within your brand.

Video testimonials are an even better way to engage new customers and make them get a true feel for your company. Listening and watching someone talk about your business links back to more traditional word of mouth advertising and will work in the same way to boost brand awareness. This also helps people understand that these are real people with real opinions about your business again building up trust with the new consumer.

Copper Bay Creative, use an element of both formal written testimonial and video testimonials. Our most recent video testimonial to be uploaded onto our website is from one of our clients, Lewis Pies. Fiona, the Marketing Consultant at Lewis Pies is giving her honest opinion, in the video, about Copper Bay and how she found working with us on their new website project. This now allows consumers who visit our site to get a real view of our brand and what standards we offer at Copper Bay Creative.

If you need any help with gathering customer testimonials or creating video testimonials, then just drop us an email at mail@copperbaycreative or give us a call on 01792 293 366, as our digital team is always happy to help.