Photoshop is a massive piece of graphic design software that millions of people around the world use.

You can use it for all sorts of things from editing photos to creating social media graphics, posters, signage etc. The list goes on. Photoshop can be quite difficult to get the hang of. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro there’s always changes and updates, so it’s always good to remind yourself of the basics. There are a number of different tips we can share with you to make your learning process smoother and quicker.

Keyboard shortcuts

Everybody loves a shortcut and thankfully Photoshop has many of them. Nearly every action you take or every tool that you use in Photoshop will have a keyboard shortcut which can make things easier for you and also save you the time of looking for particular tools. Take a look below at some of the most used shortcuts.

  • Ctrl + (+ or -) = This is used so that you can zoom in and out quickly without having to change the tool you are currently using. You can also use Ctrl + Scroll for this.
  • Ctrl S = Save A lot of hard work goes into Photoshop so don’t forget to save regularly.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N = As most of you will know, Photoshop is made up of a number of different layers. This command will create a new layer for you very quickly.
  • Ctrl + J = Copy a layer. A lot of users will find that they use this command a lot.
  • Ctrl + D = In Photoshop there is a lot of selecting and deselecting going on and sometimes the selection lines can get quite annoying. Simply use this command to deselect all selected items.
  • Ctrl + T = This is free transform, any shape, image, and line can be transformed using this command. Whether that means you want to flip, rotate or resize your shape.
  • Ctrl + G = When creating graphics, the layers can really add up so they easiest way to organise yourself if by grouping different layers, so you know where everything is placed.

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