Don’t you just hate it when you google search for information, click onto a website and can’t find the information you need! Well don’t let this happen to your customers when they visit your site!

Don’t panic. Simple design layouts and styles can turn your website around from one where users click straight off to one they love and use time and time again!

Here are our design layout tips:

1.Contrasting colours:

Using contrasting colours, either against a white background or against each other look great. Depending on what industry your business operates in, depends on how funky you can go with these colour choices. Using this style on your website, helps important text or call of action buttons to stand out to users, making the website a lot more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


2.Block/ tile design layout style:

Using the fashionable block/ tile layout style is a great way to break text into bite sized chunks, making it easy for users to scan on screen. A popular way professional modern sites use this layout design, is to place your product categories or services into a block grind layout. This means that the user can clearly see what you offer and can click straight onto the tile they need to find out the information they are looking for.


3.Call of action buttons above the fold:

Keeping any call of action buttons, on your website, at the top of the page is a great way to boost engagement on the site. For example, placing your business phone number in the header of your site means that as soon as the user clicks onto the homepage they can clearly see how to contact your business. This small design layout tip will definitely boost calls from your site!


4.Full width header panel:

A full width header panel is very popular and stylish on modern high quality sites. This space is great to include an image carousel or video media of your business. With great high quality visual media on your homepage will most certainty draw users into your site making them want to explore in more detail. 


5.Mobile responsive design:

Having a mobile responsive website is a must now due to such a large amount of people surfing the web on their mobile phones. Making your site mobile responsive means that your site is easy to use and view on a smaller mobile screen. Having this design will definitely make your site more popular and much more used on a mobile.


Having all these design elements on your site will most certainty be popular with your customers and will generate a lot more business from this platform.

But do not worry if your website doesn’t currently have these design features, we can fix it! Using your current website, we can give it a design ‘face-lift’ incorporating these key elements and many more. This will then make your site more popular and will avoid customers clicking off your site and onto your competitors!

Simply call us today on 01792 293 366 to get your FREE design consultation meeting. Sit down with one of our design experts where we can talk about what your website needs to be more popular with your users. Then watch your business website flood in with customers!