The digital industry and web design are always changing, and to survive, we need to keep on top of the ever-evolving climate.

User-experience is a great place to start. To make sure we are giving our users the best experience possible when engaging with our website we need to look at web design.

Follow our top tips when it comes to planning your website to ensure you’re giving your users a great experience and keeping on top of the ever-changing industry.

Responsive Design

This is so important, the majority of web overall traffic these days is generated from mobile phones. Which means if our websites are not responsive to suit all screen sizes then we could be losing users and potential clients or customers.

If users are finding it difficult to navigate around your website on their device then they are likely to leave shortly after and find another website offering the same service.

Concise Content

These days, people are far to busy to be reading paragraphs of content. Be sure to make your website’s content, short, clear and concise. It needs to be short and snappy to attract the attention of the user then get your point across as soon as possible. If you feel you have more to say within your website, try incorporating a news or blog section to your website.

Easy Navigation

What is the point of offering users a service if they get to the website and can’t find your service information page or contact page for example?

When people make the decision to search to sign up or buy something it’s usually done in a moment of impulse. The longer they take to find what it is they’re looking for the less likely they are to complete their sign-up form or place an order. As a result, they are likely to go to another website which is easier to navigate.

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