Click & collect, a revolution in today’s digital economy and web development.

Are you preventing your potential customers from carrying out their purchase by offering a bad customer experience? Or are you even preventing them from returning to your business after their first purchase with you?

Click & collect is a very efficient service to adopt and offer to your customers if you are a small company. These days, people are so busy with work and other priorities they often can’t commit to a delivery time slot and even if they can it’s usually a huge inconvenience to them.

Check out this video where I explain my bad experience with a major leading retailer and their click & collect system. I also explain how off-putting it can be to consumers who suffer a bad customer experience.

Click & collect, makes consumers feel in control. They can order their product so they know it’s secure, get an alert when it is ready to collect and go and pick it up. And they are free to do this whenever they are in the area or have some free time. Consumers love this flexibility and not to mention, it’s often a cheaper option than delivery.

If you’re looking at expanding your business and planning on incorporating click & collect to offer your customers get in touch. One of our specialist services is web development, we will build a click & collect system into your existing website, or a brand new website.
If you choose we can then promote your new service digitally with our digital marketing services. All you have to do is get in touch today.