Website hacking is happening every single day. However, strangely it is something website owners seem to skip over.

As web developers, we understand the danger of hackers and always take the measures necessary to prevent it. Your website plays a major part in your entire brand identity so it’s important to ensure it is always protected. We have put together a few tips on how you can ensure you’re protected from hackers.

Strong passwords

This one is obvious but always use a strong and secure password. It’s always best to choose something completely random and something that cannot be traced back to you or your social media accounts. There are a number of websites which can generate strong passwords for you which will be safe and random. Also be aware of where you are sharing these details, especially online.

Security plugins

Always install security plugins where possible. These plugins will help protect your website from hacking attempts and alert you when an attempt has been made. These plugins are widely accessible to WordPress websites.


HTTPS is something we all commonly look for when browsing the internet these days. It lets us know that the website is safe to use. It means that the transfer of information and personal data is secure and safe. To gain HTTPS you must have an SSL certificate. All of our websites come with an SSL certificate as standard. Not only will it keep you and your user’s data secure it will also make users feel more trusted when visiting your website.

Keep software up to date

Always make sure you have the latest versions of your platforms installed to minimise the risk of being hacked. When using WordPress, it’s very easy to see how updated your site and plugins are. Simply go into the dashboard menu and into ‘Updates’ where you will see all of the plugins which require updating.

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