You may have noticed that we decided to bring in the new year with a shiny, new website. And we didn’t just stop there, we went for a whole new rebrand, including brand colour changes and a new logo.

Our previous website served us well for almost 3 years, but we knew it was time to say goodbye to the orange and green and become more modern and bold to reflect the work we do. We even decided to change our name from Copper Bay Creative to Copper Bay Digital to further highlight the fact that we are a digital agency. Aside from the rebrand, here are just some of the ways we’ve changed our website to showcase our work and get on board with 2019 digital trends.


Video continues to be the king of content. If you want to be seen on social media feeds you need to be utilising video. Video captures the user’s attention which is more likely to result in a desired conversion. We now have a feature video banner on our site, and we have also incorporated more video onto our content pages using video testimonials where possible.

Big Brands and a Great Reputation

Potential customers want to know that the company they are looking into is a reputable company who are working with big brands. We now incorporate some of our more well-known clients onto our homepage so that users can see how reputable and trusted we are. We also have many testimonials and case studies to highlight the different type of work we have done and can do for potential clients.


We have also generally made the website more user-friendly, fun and modern. We have clear call-to-actions so that people who want to enquire don’t have to look too far. We have also taken a block design approach with lots of images making it easier and more fun for users to engage with us.

Here at Copper Bay Digital, we help lots of companies get seen through digital marketing and rebranding to building you a new website from scratch. If you think you could benefit from our services get in touch today on 01792 293 366.