Celebrating a decade of dedication at the agency!

Here’s to David, one of the unsung heroes of the agency. This month he marks a remarkable 10 years at Copper Bay! From his early days as a passionate web developer and designer to becoming our seasoned senior, David’s growth mirrors the evolution of our agency.

Whether weaving simple yet impactful marketing websites or tackling intricate business systems, he’s a driving force behind our digital landscape. So this blog is to celebrate him and his time at the agency. To look at where he started and compare it to where he is now.


About David’s time at Copper Bay


1. Do you remember what made you apply to work at Copper Bay?

A friend of my Mum worked with Ben and Matt at the time told her they were looking for a Developer/Designer, so I applied, had an interview, and got the job

2. Congratulations on hitting your 10-year anniversary! Do you remember your first day?

Not really, but it was quite a while ago! 😂

3. How has your job changed over your time?

I started off doing a bit of design here and there but now I purely focus on development and technical spec documents.

4. What has been your most significant achievement/success?

Hard to pick out a single project but some of the CRM/Business workflow systems I’ve worked on that have moved companies away from paper and consolidated a lot of different processes into one system are the most satisfying

5. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Building solutions and learning new techniques along the way.


Now the fun questions…

1. Tell us something about you that might surprise people.

I am 7th in line to the throne!

2. What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Playing golf and working on my golf swing or watching sport/going to the football


Quick questions
3. Morning bird or night owl?

Morning bird

4. Group email or group call?

Group email

5. Favourite worktime drink?

Mediterranean orange high juice

6. Lots of small tasks or a big project?

Big projects, definitely.

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