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Upgrade your member experience

The member desktop experience can only take you so far, getting your proposition in the members hands is key to driving higher engagement rates and more importantly offering ‘always on’ value.

At Copper Bay, our in-house UX and Development team are here to deliver a great mobile app experience for your members.

Your next mobile app will…
  • Put your value into the members hands
  • Integrate into your current systems
  • Enhance your member experience
  • Work across Apple and Android
  • Be secure and privacy first
  • Provide analytics on usage
  • Work on and offline

Discover & Define

Together, we unearth the true essence of your membership organisation. What makes your members tick? What drives them? We listen, we learn, and we lay the foundation for an app that embodies your values and vision.

Design & Develop

Crafting an app isn’t just about coding; it’s about creating an experience. An experience that resonates on a personal level, fosters community, and simplifies engagement. From intuitive UX designs to custom functionalities, we build for your current needs and future aspirations.

Deploy & Support

Launching your app is the beginning of a new chapter. We ensure a seamless transition, followed by unwavering support and maintenance. As your organisation grows, so will your app, ready to embrace new features and functionalities.

Your Mobile App Experts

Launching a mobile app into the App Stores or both Apple and Google require a different approach not standard hosting environments.

With their review processes, SDK Updates and ever changing requirements, you need to ensure you work with a team that knows this landscape.

At Copper Bay who have released many apps into the App Stores, you can count on us to support you along the way and deliver an app that works for you.

Your members deserve the best experience at their desktop and on-the-go.

Speak to our team today to discover how you can build and launch a new mobile app for your members.

Our in-house team

of designers, developers and marketing experts

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