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Your membership is unique, and sometimes that calls for a bespoke solution to fit how you want your members to engage with you.

Whether you are looking for a custom training system, feedback solution or event management tool. Our in-house development team are experts at crafting custom solutions for your organisation.

Tailored Experiences

Sometimes, off the shelf solutions do not fit the bill!

Our team can help you map out the exact experiences you want for your members and build a solution that engages them.


A true Digital Transformation comes from connecting your systems together, be that through Webhooks, API’s or Middleware.

Having an 360 degree picture of the member experience can rocket your engagement to new levels.

Exclusive Offering & IP

Do you offer a member experience that is unique and stands out from the competition?

Custom solutions can give you a competitive advantage and your own Intellectual Property (IP) for your organisation.

Navigating Digital Challenges Together

Whether you’re facing intricate system integrations, seeking to pioneer new digital frontiers, or aiming to refine user experiences, Copper Bay is here to guide you through.

With a seasoned in-house team of innovators and problem solvers, we thrive on transforming challenging development hurdles into seamless, cutting-edge solutions.

Together, we can unlock the full potential of your digital initiatives, turning ambitious visions into tangible successes. Trust us to be the catalyst for your journey, elevating your projects beyond the ordinary, towards the extraordinary.


Custom Member Portal for British Association of Magnetic Resonance Radiographers (BAMRR)

BAMRR were looking for a custom member portal for their organisation and chose Copper Bay as their digital partner.

The implementation of the custom WordPress website brought about transformative results for BAMRR:

The result:
  • Increased Membership
  • Higher Engagement
  • Streamlined User Experience
  • Enhanced Visibility

View full case study for BAMRR

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