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Membership Engagement Tracking Tool

What can be measured can be improved…and with our unique Member Engagement tracking solution – Member Metrics – you can track every interaction your member has with your organisation, for a complete picture of a members experience.

Member Experience Tracking
  • See what members value from you
  • Track revenue generating engagements
  • See which members are at risk of cancelling
  • Generate your organisation health score
  • Forecast future member numbers
  • Plus more…

Individual and Group Member Tracking

Track the experiences of an individual member or their entire organisation.

See what engagements are most popular and if the trend is going up or down to spot future opportunities or problems

Online and Offline Engagements

A great membership will have offline and online engagements to add value. Being able to track attendance to events and online activities is key to building a complete picture of the member experience.

Organisation Performance Metrics

Having this insight on your member experiences gives you a Health dashboard on your member organisation.

You can use this data to see which member offerings offering value and spot members who are at risk.

Metrics to show the ROI on your marketing

Our member tracking software will allow you to put data at the heart of your marketing activity to see the true Return on Investment (ROI).

Being able to track your engagement rates and trends, having a forecast of member numbers and tracking revenue will allow you to see whether your marketing activities are moving the needle.

At Copper Bay, we use this data to optimise the strategy to ensure we keep improving the numbers.

Member tracking for eduTrips

When eduTrips needed to see how their schools were engaging with them, they needed a plug and play service so we dropped in Member Metrics.

We outlined the key engagements and within a few days were tracking engagements and started seeing which features where being used and which were not.

The result:
  • Instant visibility on their top engagements
  • Member scoring
  • View of their top members
  • View of members at risk of cancelling

Are you looking to measure and improve your membership experience?

Book a call with our team to get a demo of Member Metrics and see how it it can transform your member experience and grow your membership.

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