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Using email to communicate your value, and drive engagement of current and even prospective members is key to a strong engagement strategy.

Using automation and personalisation at the centre of your email strategy can open up new levels of engagement by giving every member their own personal journey.

Does your email strategy…
  • Build trust through regular value focused emails
  • Segment member types
  • Trigger personalised content based on member actions
  • Support new members through their pre and post signup

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An effective email strategy

Content Plan

Together we will focus on crafting relevant and engaging content tailored to the diverse needs and interests of your membership base, aiming to enhance engagement and convey the value of membership effectively.

Technical Execution

The right technical execution involves the practical aspects of delivering your email strategy, including automation, ensuring emails are mobile-responsive, and incorporating mechanisms for feedback to streamline and enhance the user experience.

Performance Analysis

The best strategy will monitor and analyse your email campaign’s performance through key metrics, alongside to ensure ethical and effective communication.

Email triggers through system integration

True personalisation of email communication comes from triggering the right email with the right content at the right time.

Our in-house development team can integrate your email system to your member platforms to trigger emails based on member activity to offer them personalised communications.

Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Logo

Email Automation to Increase Member Engagement for M&A2020

When we started working with Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 for their complete membership communications, we focused on an effective email strategy to improve member engagement and increase member signups.

The result:
  • 30% Increase in signups through automations
  • Automation Platform linked to website and CRM
  • 40% Increase in Event Attendance
  • Monthly reports on automation results

View full case study for Mansfield & Ashfield 2020

Are you looking to increase engagement through email and automations?

Our expert team of Marketers and Integration Specialists can work with you to create an effective email strategy that communicates your value and creates member experiences.

Our in-house team

of designers, developers and marketing experts

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