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Reaching Members through Paid Media / PPC

If you are looking to reach new members, or promote something to existing members, a Paid Media Strategy across, Google, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook can be an effective strategy to promote your message to the right people.

A Paid Media strategy can be an effective approach to put your message in front of less engaged members or reach completely new members.

Paid Media Benefits

Immediate Impact: Unlike organic which can take time to build momentum, paid media can offer immediate results, making it essential for your organisation to boost membership or promote specific events and initiatives.

Enhanced Member Acquisition: By reaching out to a targeted audience with tailored messages, paid media helps you acquire new members more efficiently.

Higher Member Engagement: Through targeting and retargeting capabilities, paid media allows for personalised ad experiences to new and existing members, leading to higher engagement and meaningful interactions.

Cost-Effective Lead Generation: With complete budget control, your membership organisation can optimise ad spend on the most effective channels and demographics to generate cost-effective returns.

Data-Driven Insights: With robust analytics and reporting tools, Paid Media offers valuable insights into audience behaviour, campaign performance, and ROI for more informed decisions and better results.

Your Effective Paid Media Process

1. Define Objectives & Target Audience & Tracking

We begin by helping you identifying what you want to achieve with your Ads and who you are looking to reach.

Next we identify all the relevant conversions and implement tracking to set us up for success.

2. Channel Selection and Compelling Content

Using what we learn in step 1, we will chose the right channels that fit your budget, your audience.

We then work with you to create compelling messaging that works for your audience and channel selections

3. Implement, Monitor and Optimise

Once launched we build your campaigns and reporting tools to allow us to see in granular detail what is working and what needs to optimised.

With monthly meetings and quarterly reviews, we keep our strategy aligned.

Creating Assets that Convert

As well as our expert team of PPC Managers who create and continually optimise your campaigns. You will have access to our in-house Graphic Designers who will create effective assets that are both attention grabbing and resonate with your target audience.

Our graphic designers will work with your PPC Manager to create assets across all your channels in desktop and mobile dimensions to give your ads the greatest chance of success.

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How Paid Media Transformed ECA’s Membership Acquisition Efforts

After running an in-house Google Ads account for a while which was not generating the results they desired, ECA reached out to us to improve the account.

We got straight to work by implementing effective conversion tracking, rebuilt their campaigns and optimised their Ad Budget.

The result:
  • Additiona 27 Qualified Leads in the first month
  • Projected £100k in revenue
  • Real-time visibility of their ROI
  • Launched second Paid Channel

View full case study for ECA

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