Custom Membership CRM & Systems

Give your members & staff the tools they need and run your organisation efficiently

Sometimes it is about having the right tools for the job, we can help you build them.

Improve Efficiency

We understand the importance of improving your internal efficiencies. That’s why we build custom business systems, workflow management systems, and automation tools that are designed to streamline your processes and reduce manual tasks. By integrating your systems, we can help you optimise your workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and gain valuable insights into your business operations.

Your business isn't the same as everybody else's - bespoke systems will allow you to run more efficiently and have an edge over your competitors.

Member Self Service

Your members expect to be able to manage their own data and membership with you. A self-service area for your members to manage their membership with you is key to scaling a membership organisation. Extra credit for providing this data in your Member Mobile App.

Automation Experts

Are you tired of manual processes and repetitive tasks? Copper Bay can help you identify and implement automation into your business processes. By leveraging the latest automation tools and technologies, we can help you optimise your workflows, reduce errors, and improve your team’s productivity. From lead nurturing to data entry, we can help you identify areas where automation can improve your business.

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Our team will help you map out your processes and identify opportunities for automation

System Integrations

At Copper Bay, we understand that your business may rely on multiple systems and platforms. That’s why we specialise in building custom business systems and CRM’s that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Through integration, we can help you streamline your processes, reduce double entry, and gain valuable insights into your business operations.

Read how built and launched a Bespoke Management Portal for Davies Crane Hire to digitise their internal processes and connect their customers, staff and suppliers in a single solution read here…

No process lives in a silo. We can build integrations and API's to cut duplication and speed up communications

Enhance Customer Experience

A great customer experience is critical for any business that wants to build long-term relationships with its customers. At Copper Bay, we build custom business management systems and CRM’s that are designed to enhance your customer experience. From online booking to automated follow-ups, our solutions are designed to help you provide a seamless customer experience that keeps your customers coming back.

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Our expert in-house team of Developers, Project Managers, UX Designers and Business Analysts will support you every step of the way

On the Desktop or in Your Hand

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s essential to have access to your business systems on the go. That’s why we build custom business systems and CRM’s that are optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. In fact we have built many systems where the main interface is a Mobile Application in the app store. Our solutions are designed to help your staff access critical information and complete tasks from anywhere, at any time. By providing a seamless mobile experience, you can improve your staff’s productivity and enhance your overall business operations.


How can I be sure it will improve my business?

This is important to us! First, we will identify your goals to improve the business and set some baseline numbers to compare to later. During the planning & design phase we will map out all the key tasks screen-by-screen to make sure you understand exactly how the new improved process will work, finally we will put in the measures so you can see exactly how much more your business has improved.

Even after all of that, we are on hand to support you going forward to make additional tweaks and enhancements to improve your business further.

How do you handle data migration from our current system / spreadsheets?

Data migration is a speciality of ours! Whether you need a one-off migration where we take the data at launch and import it all for you, or whether you need your own import tools to allow you to migrate at your own pace. Our senior developers and manipulate and migrate the data so you hit the ground running with world data.

Can you provide training and documentation?

Yes! We will typically provide at least one training session which is recorded so you can share with your team. We also can provide detailed step by step documentation and videos to help onboard the wider business and/or customers.

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