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The Client

Gwent Police are an established local authority with over 1,300 officers covering a massive 600 square miles!

They’ve recently undergone huge work and collaboration with other forces to improve their services further and better support their officers.

The Challenge

As part of their recognise and respond campaign in collaboration with a design and animation team, they recognised the need for a user-friendly mobile app to support their officers.

It was crucial that the app felt like a natural extension of existing campaign work, whilst still being simple and straightforward to use.

The main aim of the app would be to support both arresting officers and custody officers in identifying individuals for drug testing. Thus ensuring appropriate support and safeguarding were offered.

The Solution

An innovative mobile app was developed to streamline the workflow for arresting and custody officers, providing them with a step-by-step guide through the entire process. We worked closely with the brand and animation agency to ensure the app provided a cohesive and uniform experience for the users. Its simplicity and straightforwardness made it incredibly user-friendly, allowing officers to navigate through the app effortlessly.

One notable feature of the app was its offline capabilities, which proved to be crucial in scenarios where internet connectivity was limited or unreliable. Officers could access and utilise the app’s functionalities even in areas with poor network coverage, ensuring uninterrupted support throughout their tasks. This offline capability greatly enhanced the app’s usability and effectiveness, making it a reliable tool for officers working in various locations and conditions.

The Result

The mobile app allowed officers to have full access to the new Recognise and Respond procedure, regardless of where they were so that they could conduct their roles effectively and efficiently. It enabled both arresting and custody officers to feel more engaged, better informed, and fully connected with the process.

Great to be involved in this amazing project for Gwent Police and working in collaboration with the design and branding team was a great experience.

We look forward to hopefully working alongside Gwent Police in the future on future projects and campaigns.

Jordan Stiens-Magill – Digital Lead
Copper Bay Digital

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