• The Background

    Ambitious networking and business development group Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 is the area’s leading organisation of its type - and has been since 1991.

    It links people, local authorities, and businesses. It proactively drives forward the business case for being located in the two districts.

    We also revamped 2020’s website last year to provide upgraded functionality, improved design, and better-converting website copy. After receiving praise for the upgraded website, 2020 approached us to improve their digital marketing.
  • The Situation

    Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 identified an issue. They now had a great website, but they needed to further improve their online presence, improve engagement, and increase the number of guest members. This in turn would lead to more full members.

    In a nutshell, the marketing had to fit into 2020’s strategic goals, and they turned to us to help them achieve them. We took over social media management, email marketing and marketing automation activities.

    The Thinking

    At the time we took over, 2020’s social media strategy was to share local business and community stories from the area. However, there was little engagement with users, and posts were simply links.

    The revamped website meant that 2020’s email and automation processes had changed. So this change also needed to be reflected in their digital marketing activities. The email and social media asset designs were outdated and not consistent with the website. There was a need for new workflows to be developed to fit better with current business operations.

    We met with 2020 to identify the most effective ways to add value to their marketing. Our team worked with 2020 to identify the organisation’s offerings and how they provided value to their users.

    This included a thorough review of social media posts and how the content could be improved. Our team also analysed their email marketing strategies and identified opportunities to enhance 2020’s communication with their contacts. These reviews provided detailed feedback on how we could improve reach and engagement across their marketing channels.

    It became clear, from looking at emails, that 2020 was missing communication points, such as filling out forms.
  • Boosting social media followers and member engagement
  • Asset creation for social media platforms inline with the updated brand identity
  • The Solution

    Our team created a content and distribution strategy where content sources were identified and details on their presentation specified. As well as providing balance in the content, our team sought to ensure that the overall purpose of the content was to raise awareness and convince people to join. Which meant that each post would provide better value to both 2020 and its members.

    We applied the content strategy and created assets, such as social media, email and advertising graphics to support the accounts. As part of our content and distribution strategy, we identified the best ways to manage the social media channels.

    This included how the accounts could engage with users, for example through comments and messages. In addition to engaging current members, the revamped social media strategy promoted brand awareness to potential members.

    The team developed marketing automation workflows to complement their redesigned website. The workflows aimed to guide and convert free trial members into becoming full-paying members.
  • The result

    We increased their followers on one of their social media channels by 75% since we were brought on board. Impressions on the account have also reached more than 150,000 for the year, with comments on the posts increasing by 5,000% compared to the previous period.

    What’s more, we've also reduced the pressure to constantly post on social media (which can take more time than most think).

    Making more use of 2020’s Marketing Automation Platform meant time was freed up for us to work on other marketing activities.
  • "We’re so pleased with our work with 2020, and we love the fact that the results speak for themselves.

    Our solution works because we follow a tried and tested process created by ourselves that has great results each time.

    We also know that great work comes from the fact that our marketers and developers work very closely together - it’s why we are able to implement sophisticated automation solutions to personalise the experience of current and prospective M&A 2020’s members."

    Vicki Nichols,
    Copper Bay Digital
  • From our client

    "I cannot speak highly enough of Copper Bay Digital. Right at the outset, they understood what we needed to achieve and they worked on how we could reach the goals we set them. I love the fact that they have not only delivered a website that works well but are also helping us to make the best use of marketing automation and emails.

    This joined-up thinking is directly leading to a growing awareness of our work, resulting in people signing up to become members. Either a free members first, or as full members."

    Ella McManus,
    Director of Operations: Mansfield and Ashfield 2020