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The Client

NPTC Group of Colleges, an well known educational institution in South Wales, has been a main-stay of learning and innovation for students of all ages. With a commitment to delivering high-quality education and a strong sense of community, NPTC Group has been a vital institution in the region.

The Situation

Having initially built their website in 2015, NPTC Group recognised the need for a comprehensive update to align with evolving digital trends and enhance user experiences. The existing website, while functional, required a fresh look and improved functionality to cater to the diverse needs of its students, faculty, and prospective learners in South Wales.

Navigating the digital landscape had become increasingly complex, with changing user preferences and expectations. NPTC Group sought to reinvigorate their online presence to better serve their community and remain at the forefront of education.

The Thinking

In collaboration with NPTC Group, we embarked on a strategic journey to revamp their website. The key objectives were as follows:

  • Revitalise the Design: Transform the website’s visual identity to reflect NPTC Group’s commitment to excellence in education. The new design would capture the spirit of South Wales and the institution’s rich heritage.
  • Enhance User Journeys: Optimise the user experience by improving navigation and information accessibility for students, staff, and prospective learners in South Wales, ensuring that they could easily find the information they needed.
  • Highlight Diverse Offerings: Showcase the extensive range of courses, resources, and support services offered by NPTC Group to meet the unique needs of South Wales’ diverse student population.
  • Improve Accessibility: Ensure the website is fully accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, adhering to the highest accessibility standards to make education in South Wales inclusive for everyone.
  • Foster Community Engagement: Develop features and functionalities that encourage interaction, communication, and engagement among students, faculty, and the South Wales community.

The Solution

To address NPTC Group’s digital challenges and fulfil their objectives, we implemented a comprehensive solution:

  • Fresh Visual Identity: A contemporary design was crafted, inspired by the vibrant culture and natural beauty of South Wales, aligning with NPTC Group’s mission and values while providing a visually appealing online experience.
  • Improved User Experience: Extensive user testing and feedback informed design changes to enhance user journeys, making it easier for visitors in South Wales to find information, explore course offerings, and access valuable resources.
  • Course Catalogue Enhancement: The course catalogue was updated with South Wales students in mind, offering a seamless browsing experience complete with detailed course information and convenient enrolment options.
  • Accessibility Compliance: The website was redesigned to meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards, ensuring inclusivity for all users in South Wales, regardless of their abilities or assistive technologies.
  • Community Features: Interactive elements such as forums, event calendars, and social media integration were added to foster engagement among students, faculty, and the broader South Wales community.

The Result

The transformation of NPTC Group’s website has yielded impressive results:

Enhanced User Experience: Visitors from South Wales now enjoy a more intuitive, user-friendly website, resulting in increased engagement with course offerings and resources tailored to their region’s unique needs.

Improved Accessibility: NPTC Group’s commitment to accessibility has made the website inclusive for all South Wales residents, fostering a sense of inclusivity and diversity within the institution.

Community Engagement: Interactive features have promoted communication and engagement, strengthening the sense of community among students, faculty, and the wider audience in South Wales.

Streamlined Enrolment: Prospective students from South Wales find it easier to explore course options and initiate the enrolment process, contributing to an uptick in enrolment numbers.

Modern Image: The website’s fresh design inspired by South Wales’ culture and heritage, along with enhanced functionality, has bolstered NPTC Group’s image as a forward-thinking, student-centred educational institution deeply rooted in the South Wales community.


In conclusion, the collaborative effort between NPTC Group of Colleges and our team resulted in a revitalised online presence that captures the essence of South Wales.

By aligning the website with contemporary design trends and improving user experiences, NPTC Group now stands at the forefront of digital education, catering to the diverse needs of its students, faculty, and the South Wales community.

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