Retainer Packages & Support

Digital Retainer Packages Tailored to Your Business Needs

Get access to your own team of Developers, Designers and Digital Experts with our retainer packages.

It means that you’ll get the ongoing support you need after the launch of your system or website.

Retainer packages are designed to suit the needs of each business. Pay a monthly fee for the number of hours you need and use them at any time throughout the year.

Unlock the Benefits of our Digital Retainer Packages

The packages give you direct access to our experienced team who will be at your service for ongoing support and new developments and strategy.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to keep your website performing at its best.

Our Digital Retainer Packages

I’d like to sign up, what are the next steps?

Great news, all you need to do is email with your name, company, website address and let us know which package you’d like.

We’ll then review your details and be in touch to confirm the retainer package and start dates etc.

If you have any questions please click the button below to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tasks are included in the support time?

Support requests will naturally vary for different clients and systems/websites.

Simple requests like adding fields to forms, basic text and image edits using your CMS, or investigating an issue a user has reported will usually fall within the available support time.

However, larger, or more complicated requests may require additional time and cost. Our team will inform you of any additional needs before proceeding.

Does the retainer time rollover?

We do expect you to use all the hours within the 12 months term. Don’t worry, your project manager will provide updates on your remaining hours before the end of the term to ensure they are effectively used.

What does the strategy meeting include?

You’ll be able to claim a quarterly meeting with one of our experienced digital strategists. Our Strategist will be your secret weapon in taking your business to the next level.

At these quarterly meetings, you’ll receive valuable advice on all aspects of your digital presence, including your website, marketing, apps and more. You’ll even discuss topics of interest to you and your business where digital can help.

This is your chance to have a Digital Marketing & Development Expert on your board, driving your business towards success!

What if I don’t take out a retainer package?

Not expecting to need much support? Pay as You Go might be a great option then!

Our team will assess whether the support request falls under our included support services (hosting, email, or warranty requests).

If it requires our team to investigate further, we charge £65+VAT for every 30 minutes used for support requests. We will inform you of this before any work is started for you to approve.

Once approved we will assign a member of our support team who will investigate the issue and apply any fixes required if it fits into the time authorised.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel at the end of the support agreement minimum term. If you would like to end this early, then you will be required to pay for any remaining months of the term to cancel.

* = Hours must be used within the 12-month period. No more than 6 hours can be used for one job without agreement. The maximum hours used can’t total more than 50% of the total annual hours, multiplied by the percentage you are through your contract.

** = The Strategy is a quarterly meeting with one of our Digital Strategists to provide advice on your current digital solutions (marketing, website, app etc…). It is your chance to have a Digital Marketing & Development Expert on your board.

*** = For minimum terms below 12 months, the available hours are pro-rated to each term.

Our in-house team

of designers, developers and marketing experts

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